• UmbrellaNet

    The Umbrella IRC network is an IRC Multi-Network Project,
    an initiative of IRC operators from various networks.

    Multiple IRC networks under one umbrella.



    AnabolNet :: DragonNet

  • Audience

    The network consists of a diverse collection of people from all over the world looking for a simple and secure way to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, classmates, etc.

    Some of the topics are Unix/Linux, OpenSource, Sports, Gaming and more!

  • 100% SSL

    All servers and network hubs are linked via SSL to guarantee better security for the network and it’s users.

    There are also non SSL channels available for the non SSL users.

    100% SSL


Hosted in Tier 1 data centers across the world with high bandwidth capacity.

All the hubs and servers on the network are linked via SSL to provide better security.

UmbrellaNet IRC network is a public service and anyone is welcome to join.

Nickname and channel services are available amongst other additional services.


Been using FlexNet/DragonNet/UmbrellaNet for quite some time now. Experience and relaxed operators, nice and welcoming users. A place to connect to and stay - feels like a home away from home –J0lle

In my adventures in the wilderness of iRC, I have found an oasis! Well, not really. But! Umbrellanet has a staff equally talented and tolerant. –GiftdKook